Friday, October 28, 2011

A pumpkin a day to keep the doctor a way

Fall as arrived and with it the stomach flu. First me and then my poor Bella, but luckily it only lasts 24 hours and I am well on my way to making many things to warm us while we are out in the cold air. I am finally in my knitted socks and my feet are so happy and toasty warm.

So to everyone button up, or button down, keep your feet, head and hands as warm as you can, and why not go pick a pumpkin.

Friday, October 21, 2011

A Happy Birthday Girl

Well I am very happy to report that the Birthday Girl loved her present, she said so by screaming, dropping everything and putting her new present on, and even the adults around stated what a cool gift.

I was very relieved and told my sweet niece that not only is this her Birthday present, but also her wedding dress. My Bella is now requesting a skirt just like her cousin, and I told her I would, when she turns 10.

Is there anything better then handmade request? I love it.

Obviously the one present she needed was a hairbrush, I tried to get her to fix up her hair, but she said she liked it all messy ???

The crown was also a part of her gift, however made at the last minute.

Happy Crafting everyone and have a lovely weekend, I am going to visit the new Hobby Lobby Saturday, excited why yes I am

Friday, October 14, 2011

A Birthday Gift

Oh how I am loving fall, it is the best weather to sew and knit in, and boy have I been sewing. As Holidays and birthdays near I have been asked to make many things for many people and one of those people is my sweet niece who will be turning 10.

She is a very fun and spunky girl, loves puffy twirly dress and animals, and since her dad would kill me if I got her any form of a real animal I had to venture onto the puffy twirly side of things.

So a few months back when my niece was over, we where watching the Hannah Montana movie, and at the end of the movie Hannah Montana came out wearing a pink skirt with Purple Tulle poking out and she stated, rather excitedly how much she loves that skirt and wanted it, then she looked at me and said " You know Aunt Sarah you could make me that skirt". At the time I thought her to be crazy, then a few weeks passed, and she said again, "Aunt Sarah you could make me that skirt from the Hannah Montana movie", I told her I don't think I could, my sewing skills are pretty limited, she tried once more and I just ignored her. Then I thought about it, and I said, well maybe I could make her that skirt, or one similar, so after watching the ending of the movie a few times and disecting the skirt in my head, I came up with a plan, waited for Tulle to go on sale at my local craft store and found a jean skirt* that actually would fit my niece and here is the end results

Here is the skirt from the film

and here is what I was able to do

Not bad if you ask me. I was going to take pictures as I went, but then I had to deal with a cold, a little Bella with a cold, and did I mention I now hate Tulle? so there wasn't much. Sunday is the big day and hopefully her tastes haven't changed too much in the last 2 months, and I will get a pic of the birthday girl.

Happy crafting everyone.

*pure irony that the one skirt I was able to find for my niece (who is very tiny) was a Hannah Montana skirt. This project totally aligned with the stars I am telling you.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Spools of Thread a tutorial

I was feeling very crafty this weekend, and decided to start and luckily complete a project I have been wanting to do for quite some time, and that is a thread holder that is easily accessible while I am at my sewing machine, and I am proud to show it.

Here is how I made it, First things first decide what it is you want, your color scheme and such. Now find a picture frame, figure out how much thread you have/need and what size you like. Then if you don't have a back go to any home improvement store and search through there spare wood bins, I got a very large piece for .51 cents. and they cut it for me. Find scrapbooking paper that you like and doesn't distract from the look you want, Mod Podge, a brush, nails and hangers for the frame itself

This was also my first time using Mod Podge, and I was very happy with the results and am looking for more things to Mod Podge. Now for the wood backing, take your scrapbooking paper and measure and cute to your liking, I only need a little bit of the second paper, and decided to add it on the sides and use the main one as a center

add as many coats as you feel neccessary, I only added one and let it dry over night. There was a bit of bubbling, but it worked it self out, which was good, cause it was drivng me crazy.

after it is completely dried, I glued the wood backing into the picture frame and let it dry for about 30 min. and then added on the sawtooth hangers, and then I added the nails, but I would add the nails then add the hangers and then glue.

Postion where you would like your thread

Use a pencil and make a mark where to hammer your nails. I use nails I already had, but take your threads of spool the home improvement store, find one that sales nails by the pd so you can get the right size, and put your spools on the nail to make sure the whole spool can rest on it without falling off. Bring different sizes to be accurate.

Be careful when hammering not to go through the wood piece, I did a few times but nothing to bad. Then hang on your wall, add your spools and admire your craftiness. Please send pictures, I love to see how people take an idea and make it there own, that is how this came about.

Total cost: Frame from thrift store: .50cents
wood backing : .51cents
scrapbook paper : 1.40 I used coupons
Brush : .39 cents
Sawtooth hangers : .97 cents
Mod Podge : free, borrowed from mom
nails : free, donated from mom (Thanks mom)
Total cost : $3.76

Self satisfaction : Priceless