Friday, October 14, 2011

A Birthday Gift

Oh how I am loving fall, it is the best weather to sew and knit in, and boy have I been sewing. As Holidays and birthdays near I have been asked to make many things for many people and one of those people is my sweet niece who will be turning 10.

She is a very fun and spunky girl, loves puffy twirly dress and animals, and since her dad would kill me if I got her any form of a real animal I had to venture onto the puffy twirly side of things.

So a few months back when my niece was over, we where watching the Hannah Montana movie, and at the end of the movie Hannah Montana came out wearing a pink skirt with Purple Tulle poking out and she stated, rather excitedly how much she loves that skirt and wanted it, then she looked at me and said " You know Aunt Sarah you could make me that skirt". At the time I thought her to be crazy, then a few weeks passed, and she said again, "Aunt Sarah you could make me that skirt from the Hannah Montana movie", I told her I don't think I could, my sewing skills are pretty limited, she tried once more and I just ignored her. Then I thought about it, and I said, well maybe I could make her that skirt, or one similar, so after watching the ending of the movie a few times and disecting the skirt in my head, I came up with a plan, waited for Tulle to go on sale at my local craft store and found a jean skirt* that actually would fit my niece and here is the end results

Here is the skirt from the film

and here is what I was able to do

Not bad if you ask me. I was going to take pictures as I went, but then I had to deal with a cold, a little Bella with a cold, and did I mention I now hate Tulle? so there wasn't much. Sunday is the big day and hopefully her tastes haven't changed too much in the last 2 months, and I will get a pic of the birthday girl.

Happy crafting everyone.

*pure irony that the one skirt I was able to find for my niece (who is very tiny) was a Hannah Montana skirt. This project totally aligned with the stars I am telling you.

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