Thursday, December 8, 2011


I have been a very busy crafter, and not necessarily by choice.

Back in October my Aunt asked me to knit her 12 mittens, very basic, easy mittens. (She taught me to crochet when I was 14, and I have yet to teach her to knit) So being a good niece I accepted, also she said she would pay me, and this time of year money is always accepted. She was very precise in what colors she wanted. Navy Blue, and Orange. Odd colors, unless you live in Boise, Idaho, which my Aunt does. Those are the colors of Boise State University

So I went to work on them and finished the first pair in just 2 days, then I did what any crafter does, I procrastinated. It was October, Christmas was so far away right? Not so true when you have 11 mittens to finish, plus start work on your own Christmas gifts. And I am not the kind of crafter that likes to start to many projects, I like to start 1 maybe 2 and finish before I work on anything else.

So I finally ordered myself to sit and knit, you'd think I would relish at the chance to just sit and knit all day, but for whatever reason I wasn't all that amped up to do so, why? maybe cause it was not a knit I actually wanted to do, maybe it just got tedious, or the more likely reason, once given a task of knitting, I started thinking of all the other things I wanted to knit. But luckily I completed all 12 mittens, took there pictures and sent them on to there merry little way, and am oh so very glad to be rid of them. I told my Aunt that I would probably not be able to make mittens for a whole year, which isn't true. I started a pair for my Bella who keeps bugging me to finish, love it, and a pair for her teacher as a Christmas gift.

Goodbye, farewell, and I will never see you again :)

Now on the day that I finished I was so over joyed to be able to start work on my Christmas gifts, then I get a phone call, my niece asked me to make her cousin some Barbie clothes for her birthday, which is this Saturday. I was tired and didn't feel like making anything for anybody else, other then my loved ones. But when a family member, especially a young one asks for a handmade gift how could I say no, so I stayed up late last night and made a dress, shirt, and skirt.

Now as happy as I am that my family looks to me as there go to crafter, I am sorry to have to say, I am closed until after the New Year. Then I have baby knits and sewing to do, for I have 4 cousins all expecting in 2012.

I hope you all are having a great crafting year, and wishing you speedy hands. Anyone received special request from family and friends?

Monday, November 14, 2011

In Rememberance

It's been a pretty sad week here. Last Monday my sweet grumpy Simone left us.

Animals are awesome creatures in there own right, we get so used to having them around that when they are truly gone, we didn't realize how special or great it was having them there, in the background of our lives.

Here are a few little stories of my Simone I would like to share with you.

She was born on June 4Th when I was 14, so 1997. She was the first cat whose birthday I actually knew, I got her from my aunt's cat, when she was just a month old. She was Siamese.

She was so tiny that I would put her in my overall front pocket and she would fall asleep. I stopped when she peed, lol.

I had never seen a female cat in heat before, and when it was time to get her fixed, she was in full blown heat, and I found it quite odd. I learned a lesson, get a cat fixed before she goes into heat, cause she turns into a mean thing.

My sixteenth birthday my mom got me a bouquet of red roses, and I dried them and had them in a vase in my room, I woke up to my Simone chopping the heads off of each rose, so again, never get a cat fixed when she goes in heat.

I moved to Oregon when I was 20 and found it was better if Simone stayed with my mom, for she had lived there for 6 years and I didn't want her to get lost, she had always been an outdoor/indoor cat.

when I moved back with my infant daughter, I was worried about how Simone would act, like I said she turned kinda mean, but she was a real trouper, letting my daughter pet her, and carry her around the house in many uncomfortable positions, all the while with her grumpy face.

She always slept on the back of the couch, like she was going to lay eggs or something, and when she wanted food or to be petted she would be nice until she got what she wanted.

These last few months I had a feeling something was wrong, she lost a lot of weight, and was barely eating, sleeping next to the litter box, and peeing on the rug when she couldn't make it. It got really bad when she would come sleep in my bed or on my footstool, as if she were saying her goodbyes by being nice.

Her final night she slept have the night with me, and the other half with my mom, as if she where saying her goodbyes. Then the next morning, she slipped out the front door while feeding the other cats a can of cat food, and never to be one who liked being outside, nor being out all night, especially when its cold, she never returned. I figured it was kidney failure, I had a cat pass away from that when I was 18, at the time not knowing how serious Kidney failure is for cats.

It kinda hasn't sunk in that she is gone, I am crying a bit for the first time writing this post, it hits home the most when its feeding time and she is not there trying to stake her claim at the food dish, or when I walk down the hall and I don't see her on my bed,(where she spent the last 2 months sleeping) or on the back of the couch. She was a mean grumpy little thing, but she was a good cat and spent her last weeks giving us the affection she so rarely gave, by just being closer to us. I have only lost a handful of animals in my life, and it never gets easier. They are members of our family, little creatures that allow us to love in a way that we wish we could with humans. The creatures that depend on us for the comforts of life, and return that with there constant being of being fluffy and cute and always loyal, even if they are a grump.

So to you my Simone, thank you for being the cat you where, the house will not be the same without your grumpy little face. You are in the list of awesome family cats I have owned and you can never be replaced.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wow Halloween is over, it feels like it just got here. Well it was a fun Halloween, even if it did go by fast.

My little Bella was a Witch, and even though I am excited at the prospects of one day making her Halloween costume, cause that is the fun part of Halloween, we recycled a costume from her cousin, but I had some things to do, like adding elastic to her witch hat so it wouldn't fall off, and black ribbon on her dress, and I did her make up, its the one time of year she can wear mommy's make up and I get the chance to experiment with make up.

Here are a few more pictures from Halloween,

This is Otis, my nieces dog. We thought he should have a costume too, but he didn't get no candy.

The nose was getting wet inside, my daughters words, so she took it off

Bella and my niece, my niece is a Cereal killer, my brother was actually very crafty, see its in the genes.

Bella, my brother and my niece. We loved the cat, it's head moved.

Yesterday was a fun day for us, a former work collegue had a lot of apples on his trees and offered them up, so Bella and I went bag in hand and we got to go pick a bunch. We had so much fun, we didn't pay attention to how many we got until we got home. Luckily I love to make apple pie.

Hopefully in a few days I will be back to my sewing machine, with a mitten request from my Aunt and getting sick I haven't felt very crafty. All I want is a blanket, something hot to drink, and my pillow, even my very uncomfortable bed is comfortable to me right now. But Christmas is right around the corner.

What did you guys do for Halloween? Did anyone make any costumes, I would love to see them.

Happy November everyone

Friday, October 28, 2011

A pumpkin a day to keep the doctor a way

Fall as arrived and with it the stomach flu. First me and then my poor Bella, but luckily it only lasts 24 hours and I am well on my way to making many things to warm us while we are out in the cold air. I am finally in my knitted socks and my feet are so happy and toasty warm.

So to everyone button up, or button down, keep your feet, head and hands as warm as you can, and why not go pick a pumpkin.

Friday, October 21, 2011

A Happy Birthday Girl

Well I am very happy to report that the Birthday Girl loved her present, she said so by screaming, dropping everything and putting her new present on, and even the adults around stated what a cool gift.

I was very relieved and told my sweet niece that not only is this her Birthday present, but also her wedding dress. My Bella is now requesting a skirt just like her cousin, and I told her I would, when she turns 10.

Is there anything better then handmade request? I love it.

Obviously the one present she needed was a hairbrush, I tried to get her to fix up her hair, but she said she liked it all messy ???

The crown was also a part of her gift, however made at the last minute.

Happy Crafting everyone and have a lovely weekend, I am going to visit the new Hobby Lobby Saturday, excited why yes I am

Friday, October 14, 2011

A Birthday Gift

Oh how I am loving fall, it is the best weather to sew and knit in, and boy have I been sewing. As Holidays and birthdays near I have been asked to make many things for many people and one of those people is my sweet niece who will be turning 10.

She is a very fun and spunky girl, loves puffy twirly dress and animals, and since her dad would kill me if I got her any form of a real animal I had to venture onto the puffy twirly side of things.

So a few months back when my niece was over, we where watching the Hannah Montana movie, and at the end of the movie Hannah Montana came out wearing a pink skirt with Purple Tulle poking out and she stated, rather excitedly how much she loves that skirt and wanted it, then she looked at me and said " You know Aunt Sarah you could make me that skirt". At the time I thought her to be crazy, then a few weeks passed, and she said again, "Aunt Sarah you could make me that skirt from the Hannah Montana movie", I told her I don't think I could, my sewing skills are pretty limited, she tried once more and I just ignored her. Then I thought about it, and I said, well maybe I could make her that skirt, or one similar, so after watching the ending of the movie a few times and disecting the skirt in my head, I came up with a plan, waited for Tulle to go on sale at my local craft store and found a jean skirt* that actually would fit my niece and here is the end results

Here is the skirt from the film

and here is what I was able to do

Not bad if you ask me. I was going to take pictures as I went, but then I had to deal with a cold, a little Bella with a cold, and did I mention I now hate Tulle? so there wasn't much. Sunday is the big day and hopefully her tastes haven't changed too much in the last 2 months, and I will get a pic of the birthday girl.

Happy crafting everyone.

*pure irony that the one skirt I was able to find for my niece (who is very tiny) was a Hannah Montana skirt. This project totally aligned with the stars I am telling you.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Spools of Thread a tutorial

I was feeling very crafty this weekend, and decided to start and luckily complete a project I have been wanting to do for quite some time, and that is a thread holder that is easily accessible while I am at my sewing machine, and I am proud to show it.

Here is how I made it, First things first decide what it is you want, your color scheme and such. Now find a picture frame, figure out how much thread you have/need and what size you like. Then if you don't have a back go to any home improvement store and search through there spare wood bins, I got a very large piece for .51 cents. and they cut it for me. Find scrapbooking paper that you like and doesn't distract from the look you want, Mod Podge, a brush, nails and hangers for the frame itself

This was also my first time using Mod Podge, and I was very happy with the results and am looking for more things to Mod Podge. Now for the wood backing, take your scrapbooking paper and measure and cute to your liking, I only need a little bit of the second paper, and decided to add it on the sides and use the main one as a center

add as many coats as you feel neccessary, I only added one and let it dry over night. There was a bit of bubbling, but it worked it self out, which was good, cause it was drivng me crazy.

after it is completely dried, I glued the wood backing into the picture frame and let it dry for about 30 min. and then added on the sawtooth hangers, and then I added the nails, but I would add the nails then add the hangers and then glue.

Postion where you would like your thread

Use a pencil and make a mark where to hammer your nails. I use nails I already had, but take your threads of spool the home improvement store, find one that sales nails by the pd so you can get the right size, and put your spools on the nail to make sure the whole spool can rest on it without falling off. Bring different sizes to be accurate.

Be careful when hammering not to go through the wood piece, I did a few times but nothing to bad. Then hang on your wall, add your spools and admire your craftiness. Please send pictures, I love to see how people take an idea and make it there own, that is how this came about.

Total cost: Frame from thrift store: .50cents
wood backing : .51cents
scrapbook paper : 1.40 I used coupons
Brush : .39 cents
Sawtooth hangers : .97 cents
Mod Podge : free, borrowed from mom
nails : free, donated from mom (Thanks mom)
Total cost : $3.76

Self satisfaction : Priceless

Sunday, September 4, 2011

To Cool for School

My little girl is about to venture on her own into the magical world of Kindergarten, and as I am trying not to drive her crazy with tears of joy, sadness and all other crazy mom feelings and allow her to go forth and learn and have fun I am making as many handmade things for her so she will have a bit of me with her. Cardigans have flown of my needles this past summer like crazy and with my new found love of sewing I decided to make her a bag. Couldn't be hard right? I mean I have only sewn on one zipper and done the simple tote and farmers market bag, a backpack shouldn't be that hard. I went in search of a bag on many of the craft sites I frequent daily and there were a lot of really cute bags, messenger bags and backpacks but none where what I wanted, then I saw this bag in a Pottery Barn catalog and said that is perfect

I had some Duck Cloth and went to work on the measurements and design, it was quite fun, until I had to actually produce the bag. I finally sat down at my sewing machine and went to work, expecting a lot of trial and error, but it went a long rather easy. I did have to do some seam ripping to make my zipper just right, but over all it was rather simple, except I used a medium interfacing rather then a woven heavyweight interfacing so the bag has a droopy feel, but I can live with that for one year. So here is my first ever design.*

Since I already had the main fabric, lining fabric and interfacing (again should have used heavier or even batting would have worked)and used the O rings from a purse I thrifted, I only needed the zipper and the piping, so in total this bag cost me $2.00. I may make another one with the better interfacing just to see how it would work.

I didn't take any pictures as I was making it, its interesting how much confidence gets beat up with self doubt, but I will defiantly take pictures if/when I make the second bag. If anyone would like the tutorial of how I made this bag please leave a comment and I will be more then happy to share with you, just keep in mind that I am a newbie and you may find a simpler way to do what I did

*Sorry but the model is not available for any photo shoots

Friday, August 19, 2011

I love thrifting

I am a big Thrift store/yard sale girl, its the way I was raised, lol, and I love it. I have scored many awesome items on my adventures, particularly when I am not looking for anything, and I like it when I score something that I am currently wanting at my local craft store

Enter my new thrifty find,

Since I am teaching myself how to sew, me and every tutorial I can find on line, I am being careful about what I buy, not wanting to splurge on something I won't use as often, but this little guy I have a feeling I will be using a lot. For clothing, and quilts and just for fun now that I have him.

So thank you to the Thrift store fairies, my new little friend has gone to a good new home and will be much loved.

Next post will be about my baby and her turning 5. I am in a bit of denial about her growing up so fast so it will take me a minute to accept it.

Have a lovely weekend and Happy Crafting

Friday, August 12, 2011

Sew Many things

Okay so I have been a very busy Mommy/Auntie/crazy lady these past few days and I am loving every minute of it.

First after my Wittle baby nephew was born I went Auntie crazy and made him a ton of things that he need not wear now due to the retched heat, but Fall and Winter are just around the corner and this is Northern Idaho so I think they will come in handy soon. So rather then bombard his mommy with so many handmade gifts I decided to slow it down a bit, the giving not the making. introducing part 1 of 3 Christmas gifts to come

Debbie Bliss pattern and some machine washable Dk yarn, enough left over to make some booties, also a Debbie bliss pattern. He's gonna look so smart in this.

Now onto the crazy mommy aspect. I taught myself how to knit oh so many years ago and I have loved every minute of it, now I am onto a new learning experience. Sewing. My mother who is very good at getting people gifts bought me a sewing machine 9 years before I was born, lol, not really. She purchased a sewing machine, luckily a Singer way back in 1972, and never used it. I remember seeing it around growing up but always in its case. So about a year or so ago, I figured I would practice using it and fix and mend clothing, waste not want not right?

Well I got hooked and made a few things a tote bag for the Farmer's Market, a dress for my Bella and some christmas stockings, etc... but every project brought on a mini panic attack and I found myself buying a lot of sewing things without really doing much sewing, so I figured it wasn't meant to be, and I went back to what I knew, knitting, which I will always love. Then a few days ago I went through my very large stash of fabric, from yard sales, giveway from family and really good sales at the Fabric Stores, and I figured one of the reasons I wasn't sewing is I didn't know what I had so I turned my house upside down and did a little rearranging and the first thing I did, I should have done a year ago is get all my stuff out of the dining room. Yes like many people I don't have a designated space, so along with my projects in waiting other things would get piled on, bags, coats, toys, CATS... Then I figured where is the best place to work, my room. So like I said I turned the whole house upside down and moved things out, donated to my local thrift shop, stole furniture from my mother, she says I am just borrowing but come on we know I am going to keep it. And This is the end result,

It's a little messy and the left side is a bit chaotic only for what I am about to show you. So I got everything where I wanted and then I was worried, maybe this isn't for me, maybe I should wait and take a class, but then I sat down and I figured out something...Sewing is fun, and when you get rid of all the anxiety, easy. So here is what I have done in the week that I gave myself an actual sewing station,

These 2 shirts and the dress are from whom I am thankful for. Jess, this wonderful sewing mama makes sewing fun and easy, she has great tutorials and sew alongs, and I just am thankful to have found her blog

This dress is simplicity pattern 5785 and the first pattern I was able to follow

Ken came to us recently without any pants and I was determined to make him some. So I found this pants pattern online, while post website later, and had some cut offs from my nieces jeans and here you have it, even my brother, man of few words or inflictions was amazed by this

So one thing is for sure, I love making Barbie clothes and it will be a nice Christmas gift this year for both my daughter and my niece

This is the Tote from Weekend Sewing By Heather Ross and I have had the fabric cut and ready for quite some time, all I needed was some gusto and I used it today, doing what, buying more fabric

so there you have it, I am a newby, but I am loving this sewing thing. Luckily I have my favorite shows on Television every now and then so I will be able to knit.

Happy weekend and happy crafting

Monday, August 1, 2011

For my little man

I have been a very busy Auntie, I have been making many things for my new little nephew and here is a small showing of what I have made for him

The booties are the Quack booties from the book Cute Knits for Baby Feet and the yarn is Berroco Comfort Dk, it is my fav Dk so far it is really soft, I had enough yellow yarn leftover so I made him a hat, Baby earflap hat by Bobbi Padgett

Then of course I made him a little Pumpkin hat, all babies should have a little pumpkin hat

Then here is my favorite so far, its a baby skater brim hat from Coffeebra(Ravelry Name) and I love. I used from my stash some cotton yarn so it can breathe, but its a bit to big for him right now

and then I did my first non baby knit, and its these adorable baby booties that remind me of Spats, from so much fun all it is is a little seersucker and some felt, I used the cheap stuff for now which worked but will use the better felt stuff in the future and these were so easy and fun I plan on making more and in many more styles, Holiday inspirations and so on. So Cute

love making things for babies.

I will soon be posting what else I have been knitting, I have been very productive this summer.

Happy Crafting everyone

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The worst thing to happen in a year

I have many things I love to knit, socks, anything for my daughter, and I have added Shawls to the mix. I have made shawls with worsted and fingering weight yarns, but I wanted to do lace. I figured it would take time, and I was right, but not because of the yarn or even the pattern, but because of a stitch called a NUPP.

A Nupp to anyone who has not tried it, is a stitch where you increase 1 stitch into 5,7 or dare I say 9. then you continue the row, and when you turn your work to purl you have to purl every single nupp together with all the stitches you increased.

Now if this were a larger weight yarn even fingering weight it would be I feel rather simple, still time consuming yes but no big deal, but when you are working with yarn that is the width of dental floss or even a strand of hair, it gets a little challenging, but I did it anyway, I took several pauses throught the year, made many a more things, that where nothing but simple, however everytime I looked into my yarn basket there it was staring at me, the continuous rows of nupps left to do, and I tried to bury it under many a more projects but I couldn't it would poke out at me and taunt me as an unfinished project.

Finally when it was one of the few UFO's I had left, I would sit and just bear it, and the nupps even as annoying as they were got a little easier, I did my best to make it not so chanllenging, I put markers after every nupp so I could find them when I had to purl, I used the smallest DPN I had to help me purl the stitches together and low and behold the rows of nupps where soon staring behind me and all that was left was to finish the shawl and I did, staying up well past what I should have and waiting for the moment I would block it and wear it.

That moment came to me last night, as I was so proud of my accomplishment, and as I went to bed with my new shawl drying on the dining room table I couldn't wait till morning to try it on.

Then morning came and what do I see when I go straight to my shawl, a hole, a rather large space where there shouldn't be. I am freaking out, I am looking to see what the problem is, did the yarn break? did a cat lay on it and break my yarn? did I pull it to tight when blocking? No none of these things happened, I do not know how I do not know when, but there was a live stitch undone some how some where and I was so mad. I couldn't undo the shawl, frogging lace you got to be crazy.

I did what I could only think to do, I got one of my crochet hooks and I fixed the hole and got all the stitches back to where they belonged and I did the only thing I could, I cut the stitch and tied it, then I took my clear nail polish and I basically glued it in place and it looks just fine now ( I took no pictures for I was in too much distress to worry about pictures) and now I have the final result

I am very pleased with the end result of both the shawl and of fixing of the shawl, I am going to do another lace shawl here in a bit, but let me tell you it will not have any NUPP's

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Evan James

Meet my new Nephew Evan James, born July 10th.

Yes that is a sweater he is wearing made by Auntie Sarah, I had to knit it up pretty fast, its hard to decided what to make a summer baby.

To my beautiful boy you are loved so much, you have blessed our family with your presence and I can not wait to see what wonderous things you will do. Love always and forever your Auntie Sarah

P.S. I am working on your current winter wardrobe, you will be decked out here pretty soon in booties and hats and some other fun stuff.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Oh My Rhubarb

What do you do when some one gives you A LOT of Rhubarb?

I will tell you what you do with A LOT of Rhubarb,

First you wash it

then you chop it,

and chop,

and chop,

and chop some more,

then you will have a huge bowl full of Rhubarb ready to go,

and still a whole LOT more Rhubarb left, giving some to a neighbor is highly recommended, thankfully I have a great neighbor who took some off my hands,

Then you get all your ingredients ready,

and your mixer and bowls,

and of course the pans you plan to bake everything, yes that is a cast-iron skillet,

and of course you must have all your recipes handy,

then you mix and measure, bake and bake for several hours until your kitchen is a sauna and you have been standing on your feet until midnight and this is what you have,... a beautifully empty bowl that was once over flowing with rhubarb, and ...

... Two rhubarb pies and two rhubarb coffee cakes. One of the pies is for my Aunt, and one of the coffee cakes is for the person for whom gave me the rhubarb, I think he got the better deal.

and just to mix everything up I decided right at the end to make these cute little banna breads, I love banana bread.

But don't think that is the end of the rhubarb, this weekend I will be baking again, and this time I will mix things up and make a Rhubarb upside down cake, that was what the cast-iron skillet was ment for and maybe a crisp.

Hope you are enjoying your summer's bounty, and would anyone like some rhubarb?