Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wow Halloween is over, it feels like it just got here. Well it was a fun Halloween, even if it did go by fast.

My little Bella was a Witch, and even though I am excited at the prospects of one day making her Halloween costume, cause that is the fun part of Halloween, we recycled a costume from her cousin, but I had some things to do, like adding elastic to her witch hat so it wouldn't fall off, and black ribbon on her dress, and I did her make up, its the one time of year she can wear mommy's make up and I get the chance to experiment with make up.

Here are a few more pictures from Halloween,

This is Otis, my nieces dog. We thought he should have a costume too, but he didn't get no candy.

The nose was getting wet inside, my daughters words, so she took it off

Bella and my niece, my niece is a Cereal killer, my brother was actually very crafty, see its in the genes.

Bella, my brother and my niece. We loved the cat, it's head moved.

Yesterday was a fun day for us, a former work collegue had a lot of apples on his trees and offered them up, so Bella and I went bag in hand and we got to go pick a bunch. We had so much fun, we didn't pay attention to how many we got until we got home. Luckily I love to make apple pie.

Hopefully in a few days I will be back to my sewing machine, with a mitten request from my Aunt and getting sick I haven't felt very crafty. All I want is a blanket, something hot to drink, and my pillow, even my very uncomfortable bed is comfortable to me right now. But Christmas is right around the corner.

What did you guys do for Halloween? Did anyone make any costumes, I would love to see them.

Happy November everyone

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