Monday, November 14, 2011

In Rememberance

It's been a pretty sad week here. Last Monday my sweet grumpy Simone left us.

Animals are awesome creatures in there own right, we get so used to having them around that when they are truly gone, we didn't realize how special or great it was having them there, in the background of our lives.

Here are a few little stories of my Simone I would like to share with you.

She was born on June 4Th when I was 14, so 1997. She was the first cat whose birthday I actually knew, I got her from my aunt's cat, when she was just a month old. She was Siamese.

She was so tiny that I would put her in my overall front pocket and she would fall asleep. I stopped when she peed, lol.

I had never seen a female cat in heat before, and when it was time to get her fixed, she was in full blown heat, and I found it quite odd. I learned a lesson, get a cat fixed before she goes into heat, cause she turns into a mean thing.

My sixteenth birthday my mom got me a bouquet of red roses, and I dried them and had them in a vase in my room, I woke up to my Simone chopping the heads off of each rose, so again, never get a cat fixed when she goes in heat.

I moved to Oregon when I was 20 and found it was better if Simone stayed with my mom, for she had lived there for 6 years and I didn't want her to get lost, she had always been an outdoor/indoor cat.

when I moved back with my infant daughter, I was worried about how Simone would act, like I said she turned kinda mean, but she was a real trouper, letting my daughter pet her, and carry her around the house in many uncomfortable positions, all the while with her grumpy face.

She always slept on the back of the couch, like she was going to lay eggs or something, and when she wanted food or to be petted she would be nice until she got what she wanted.

These last few months I had a feeling something was wrong, she lost a lot of weight, and was barely eating, sleeping next to the litter box, and peeing on the rug when she couldn't make it. It got really bad when she would come sleep in my bed or on my footstool, as if she were saying her goodbyes by being nice.

Her final night she slept have the night with me, and the other half with my mom, as if she where saying her goodbyes. Then the next morning, she slipped out the front door while feeding the other cats a can of cat food, and never to be one who liked being outside, nor being out all night, especially when its cold, she never returned. I figured it was kidney failure, I had a cat pass away from that when I was 18, at the time not knowing how serious Kidney failure is for cats.

It kinda hasn't sunk in that she is gone, I am crying a bit for the first time writing this post, it hits home the most when its feeding time and she is not there trying to stake her claim at the food dish, or when I walk down the hall and I don't see her on my bed,(where she spent the last 2 months sleeping) or on the back of the couch. She was a mean grumpy little thing, but she was a good cat and spent her last weeks giving us the affection she so rarely gave, by just being closer to us. I have only lost a handful of animals in my life, and it never gets easier. They are members of our family, little creatures that allow us to love in a way that we wish we could with humans. The creatures that depend on us for the comforts of life, and return that with there constant being of being fluffy and cute and always loyal, even if they are a grump.

So to you my Simone, thank you for being the cat you where, the house will not be the same without your grumpy little face. You are in the list of awesome family cats I have owned and you can never be replaced.

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