Thursday, December 8, 2011


I have been a very busy crafter, and not necessarily by choice.

Back in October my Aunt asked me to knit her 12 mittens, very basic, easy mittens. (She taught me to crochet when I was 14, and I have yet to teach her to knit) So being a good niece I accepted, also she said she would pay me, and this time of year money is always accepted. She was very precise in what colors she wanted. Navy Blue, and Orange. Odd colors, unless you live in Boise, Idaho, which my Aunt does. Those are the colors of Boise State University

So I went to work on them and finished the first pair in just 2 days, then I did what any crafter does, I procrastinated. It was October, Christmas was so far away right? Not so true when you have 11 mittens to finish, plus start work on your own Christmas gifts. And I am not the kind of crafter that likes to start to many projects, I like to start 1 maybe 2 and finish before I work on anything else.

So I finally ordered myself to sit and knit, you'd think I would relish at the chance to just sit and knit all day, but for whatever reason I wasn't all that amped up to do so, why? maybe cause it was not a knit I actually wanted to do, maybe it just got tedious, or the more likely reason, once given a task of knitting, I started thinking of all the other things I wanted to knit. But luckily I completed all 12 mittens, took there pictures and sent them on to there merry little way, and am oh so very glad to be rid of them. I told my Aunt that I would probably not be able to make mittens for a whole year, which isn't true. I started a pair for my Bella who keeps bugging me to finish, love it, and a pair for her teacher as a Christmas gift.

Goodbye, farewell, and I will never see you again :)

Now on the day that I finished I was so over joyed to be able to start work on my Christmas gifts, then I get a phone call, my niece asked me to make her cousin some Barbie clothes for her birthday, which is this Saturday. I was tired and didn't feel like making anything for anybody else, other then my loved ones. But when a family member, especially a young one asks for a handmade gift how could I say no, so I stayed up late last night and made a dress, shirt, and skirt.

Now as happy as I am that my family looks to me as there go to crafter, I am sorry to have to say, I am closed until after the New Year. Then I have baby knits and sewing to do, for I have 4 cousins all expecting in 2012.

I hope you all are having a great crafting year, and wishing you speedy hands. Anyone received special request from family and friends?

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