Friday, August 12, 2011

Sew Many things

Okay so I have been a very busy Mommy/Auntie/crazy lady these past few days and I am loving every minute of it.

First after my Wittle baby nephew was born I went Auntie crazy and made him a ton of things that he need not wear now due to the retched heat, but Fall and Winter are just around the corner and this is Northern Idaho so I think they will come in handy soon. So rather then bombard his mommy with so many handmade gifts I decided to slow it down a bit, the giving not the making. introducing part 1 of 3 Christmas gifts to come

Debbie Bliss pattern and some machine washable Dk yarn, enough left over to make some booties, also a Debbie bliss pattern. He's gonna look so smart in this.

Now onto the crazy mommy aspect. I taught myself how to knit oh so many years ago and I have loved every minute of it, now I am onto a new learning experience. Sewing. My mother who is very good at getting people gifts bought me a sewing machine 9 years before I was born, lol, not really. She purchased a sewing machine, luckily a Singer way back in 1972, and never used it. I remember seeing it around growing up but always in its case. So about a year or so ago, I figured I would practice using it and fix and mend clothing, waste not want not right?

Well I got hooked and made a few things a tote bag for the Farmer's Market, a dress for my Bella and some christmas stockings, etc... but every project brought on a mini panic attack and I found myself buying a lot of sewing things without really doing much sewing, so I figured it wasn't meant to be, and I went back to what I knew, knitting, which I will always love. Then a few days ago I went through my very large stash of fabric, from yard sales, giveway from family and really good sales at the Fabric Stores, and I figured one of the reasons I wasn't sewing is I didn't know what I had so I turned my house upside down and did a little rearranging and the first thing I did, I should have done a year ago is get all my stuff out of the dining room. Yes like many people I don't have a designated space, so along with my projects in waiting other things would get piled on, bags, coats, toys, CATS... Then I figured where is the best place to work, my room. So like I said I turned the whole house upside down and moved things out, donated to my local thrift shop, stole furniture from my mother, she says I am just borrowing but come on we know I am going to keep it. And This is the end result,

It's a little messy and the left side is a bit chaotic only for what I am about to show you. So I got everything where I wanted and then I was worried, maybe this isn't for me, maybe I should wait and take a class, but then I sat down and I figured out something...Sewing is fun, and when you get rid of all the anxiety, easy. So here is what I have done in the week that I gave myself an actual sewing station,

These 2 shirts and the dress are from whom I am thankful for. Jess, this wonderful sewing mama makes sewing fun and easy, she has great tutorials and sew alongs, and I just am thankful to have found her blog

This dress is simplicity pattern 5785 and the first pattern I was able to follow

Ken came to us recently without any pants and I was determined to make him some. So I found this pants pattern online, while post website later, and had some cut offs from my nieces jeans and here you have it, even my brother, man of few words or inflictions was amazed by this

So one thing is for sure, I love making Barbie clothes and it will be a nice Christmas gift this year for both my daughter and my niece

This is the Tote from Weekend Sewing By Heather Ross and I have had the fabric cut and ready for quite some time, all I needed was some gusto and I used it today, doing what, buying more fabric

so there you have it, I am a newby, but I am loving this sewing thing. Luckily I have my favorite shows on Television every now and then so I will be able to knit.

Happy weekend and happy crafting

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