Friday, August 19, 2011

I love thrifting

I am a big Thrift store/yard sale girl, its the way I was raised, lol, and I love it. I have scored many awesome items on my adventures, particularly when I am not looking for anything, and I like it when I score something that I am currently wanting at my local craft store

Enter my new thrifty find,

Since I am teaching myself how to sew, me and every tutorial I can find on line, I am being careful about what I buy, not wanting to splurge on something I won't use as often, but this little guy I have a feeling I will be using a lot. For clothing, and quilts and just for fun now that I have him.

So thank you to the Thrift store fairies, my new little friend has gone to a good new home and will be much loved.

Next post will be about my baby and her turning 5. I am in a bit of denial about her growing up so fast so it will take me a minute to accept it.

Have a lovely weekend and Happy Crafting

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