Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Oh My Rhubarb

What do you do when some one gives you A LOT of Rhubarb?

I will tell you what you do with A LOT of Rhubarb,

First you wash it

then you chop it,

and chop,

and chop,

and chop some more,

then you will have a huge bowl full of Rhubarb ready to go,

and still a whole LOT more Rhubarb left, giving some to a neighbor is highly recommended, thankfully I have a great neighbor who took some off my hands,

Then you get all your ingredients ready,

and your mixer and bowls,

and of course the pans you plan to bake everything, yes that is a cast-iron skillet,

and of course you must have all your recipes handy,

then you mix and measure, bake and bake for several hours until your kitchen is a sauna and you have been standing on your feet until midnight and this is what you have,... a beautifully empty bowl that was once over flowing with rhubarb, and ...

... Two rhubarb pies and two rhubarb coffee cakes. One of the pies is for my Aunt, and one of the coffee cakes is for the person for whom gave me the rhubarb, I think he got the better deal.

and just to mix everything up I decided right at the end to make these cute little banna breads, I love banana bread.

But don't think that is the end of the rhubarb, this weekend I will be baking again, and this time I will mix things up and make a Rhubarb upside down cake, that was what the cast-iron skillet was ment for and maybe a crisp.

Hope you are enjoying your summer's bounty, and would anyone like some rhubarb?

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