Thursday, June 2, 2011

Crafters are the nicest people

I had a joyful experience today, and it made me love being a crafter even more, (if that is at all possible).

As I am finishing my Day's of the week towels, well this set anyway, I ran out of the color I am using for the weeks, I was shocked to have run out and that I didn't have any in my new awesome embroider box, it is really cool, but the best part I got it 50% off, anyway back to what I was saying so I had to make the trip to my local Joann's fabric's I went straight to where they hold the thread, I know that store so well you could blind fold me and I would still find my way around, and there was another lady in the same aisle looking at the iron-on transfers, she wanted to make sure she wasn't in my way and I assured her she was perfectly fine. I instantly found the color I needed, luckily since I brought a finished towel with me to be accurate.
Well, I myself had to check to see what they had for tea towels, I tell you I am addicted, like my mom says I will have to have one large kitchen, any who I am easily distracted, the lady and I started to chat about how cute the transfers are and how popular they were in her mothers day and how they are getting a resurge. I showed her the finished towel I had with me and she was so kind as to compliment me and we just chatted and chatted, she showed me what she was getting I showed her what I was getting, and even my little mini me was in on the conversation.
Finally realizing we had other parts of the store we had yet to see and other things to do so we said our goodbyes and off we went with a smile on our face, for isn't it great to meet someone, not even know there name and you can chat and smile and share a bit of who you are and know with full confidence that even though we are strangers we share the joy of loving something so easy and simple as embroidering tiny little threads with cute little characters or flowers or what ever tickles your fancy onto cloth. Even though we did not exchange names it was a wonderful experience for me and it is one of the many things that I love about the crafting world.
Whether you knit, sew, embroider, or quilt everyone is welcome with open arms and great compliments and I thank everyone of whoms names I do not know but for the love of our craft we shared.

Has that ever happened to you? did you make forever friends? or was it just a brief encounter? I would love to hear your stories,

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