Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Where did I get it from??

I am a baking machine, I love it. I relax and feel so calm and confident. Crust is no longer the enemy, thanks to many a things. First and for most I love my HUGE butcher block, I got last year while out thirft store shopping and my best ever .10 cent purchase I have ever made. With these 2 items I am willing to conquer anything.

I usually would succumb to going to the grocery store and purchasing a pie crust, which always felt like cheating and that it wasn't homemade, and Semi-homemade is just fine, but I like to know that everything I make is 100% me, and the ingredients, so here is to conquering my baking fears, Yay me.

While I was baking my pie and giggling over the fact that it was all working out just like its suppose to, my mom was in the kitchen with me and she asked me where I learned to cook so well.

She is more then aware that her talents do not lie in the kitchen, and is annoyed by the fact that she was not allowed to cook when she was younger, that she was only allowed to clean and her older sister, my Aunt Barbara was the one allowed to cook and bake.

So as I was cutting the pie crust to fit the pie plate, I had an instant picture in my head of where I learned to do that first and it got me to thinking, where did I get my know desires to be a crafter, baker and all around wonder woman from?

Maybe I will never know, but I am happy that I am.

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