Sunday, May 29, 2011

My little crafter in training

I have an assistant, she is 4 feet tall and she weighs about 42 pds and I am in love with her, office romances never work but I think this one will. She is my mini me (except for the fact that she looks almost nothing like me facially, but has my body)

I was working on one of my favorite crafting projects, embroidering tea towels with Day of the Weeks and cute little characters, when my mini me came up on my lap and asked to help, so I let her do the outs while I did the ins, she would giggle and laugh and tell me oh how much fun it all was.

However, eager beaver as she is, she wanted to do all of it, so I let her do a few ins and a few outs and she handled it like a pro.

I asked if she would like her own little sewing kit for her upcoming 5th birthday and she is seriously thinking about it. I finally have a craft buddy, oh what fun we are going to have.

Her finished work

To everyone who has a crafter in training I wish you a safe and happy Memorial weekend, and as always happy crafting

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