Friday, May 27, 2011

I love Summer's bounty

I love summer, I can not help myself, I love to bake. It calms me like nothing else, until I mess up and get flour all over the place, but that is not what happened this time.

I have always wanted to make somthing with plums, they signify something in me, adult, mature, fancy. Just saying "Plum Tart" makes me feel fancy.
So I finally did. I got 2 pds of these pretty purple plums and then found a plum recipe. Wasn't excited about the crust, I have crust making issues, they like to stick to the counter, no matter how much flour I use, which probably still isn't enough. But luckily it was a sinch, and so was this entire recipe.
Some of the juice did boil out and cause this weird deep purpley black tar looking thing, so lesson there use parchment paper, but other wise it was a success.

when my beautiful little girl tells me I am a good cooker while gobbling up a slice of my creation, it is always a success.

now if you would like to try this recipe, here is where I found it, I feel I will be returning to this website a lot in the future:

Since I conquered my crust making issues with this recipe, I think I will make something with apples, maybe pie, maybe another tart, who is to say. So for everyone out there hope you are having a wonderful summer and making and baking what makes you happy.

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