Thursday, June 16, 2011

Excuse me but what day is it?

Say hello to my first set of Day of the Week tea towels, aren't they the cutest thing ever. I had so much fun making these guys, and so did my mini me, and I now have to say that I am addicted, I have 7 more sets ready to make, not all for me, 2 sets are for my mom, a set of roosters and a set of Merry Maids, but I'll probably make me a set as well. I can not help it, they are just so cute, and to add to there cuteness I have crazily decided to do somthing, well crazy, add crochet trim to each edge of each towel, so that is in total 14 edgings I will have to make, luckily it's pretty simple and I think it makes them look even better

Now all I have to do, besides make trim every moment I can, and making Bella sweaters till my fingers fall off, is what to embroider next? I have more tea towels and transfers to do, and a baby quilt I have wanted to make for almost 2 years, decisions, decisions, decisions.

I told you I was addicted to Day of the week tea towels, but it is an addiction I can live with. Who doesn't need kitchen towels?

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