Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy Thrifting

What is a better way to celebrate the birthday of our wonderful country then to go on a yard sale/thrift store spree and find a bunch of wonderful things to take home, well I tell ya that is exactly what I did and it was a wonderful time.

On Saturday morning we ventured out and first headed to a family friends yard sale where I saw with great delight and in very good condition an old-fashion and literally old Apple corer and peeler. Luckily I got the family friend discount of $7 dollars and I snatched that baby up and am soon putting it to use making  apple pies. (I totally spaced takeing picture, which annoys me cause I took a picture of something else and my new apple peeler was right behind me)

We ventured some more and found lots of wonderful little things, and I even got to chit chat with a wonderful lady who makes a living doing mosiac art pieces and she complamented me on the dress my daughter was wearing, that of course I had sewed myself. I love crafty conversations with people.

After the last few yard sales where I scored on fabric, (no pictures for they are in the wash) my daughter and I could not longer handle the muggy heat, and let me tell you that is all we have been getting this summer, and it is horrible, I could not live in Florida or Arizona. We headed to a few thrift stores, and I am so happy to show a few things I lucked out on.


Yes patterns, mostly from the '70's and a few from the late 60's, and all children patterns. There was a lady who after seeing me go through the whole filing cabinet wanted a chance to scour through herself. They were 5 for a $1 and I got roughly $7 dollars worth, but I have 3 ultimate favorites

Unfortunately they are sized 4, but I am hoping to figure out how to size them up a bit for my Bella, Here a are a few close ups

I have gone through and luckily these 3 all have there pattern pieces, and so do the few I have checked in the basket. Its plain to see I will be extremely busy for a long time, which I have found I prefer.

Friday night to help relax and get ready for a day of treasure hunting we went and saw the new Pixar film Brave

 and I got to tell ya, I loved it, we where laughing so hard my stomach hurt and I even cried a bit in the end. My daughter and niece said it was better then Tangled, which I did not agree, but I thought was as good as Tangled then again I like any movie where the only way to solve a problem with a little needle and thread, and of course loving your mother. Don't want to be a spoiler alert so I will stop right there.

So to sum things up had a pretty good weekend with my girl, and will now be spending the next 2 days working on her surprise 4th of July dress, any reason to make a dress for my baby is a good reason.

Happy Crafting everyone and Happy 4th of July*

*(Please be safe out there)

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