Sunday, January 27, 2013

I am still here

I am not much of a blogger, though in my head I am.

For a few months now I have not been very active in my crafting, sad to say, and even sadder to realize, recieved some unwanted news a few months back after being extremely hopful and it put me in  a spiral of sorts and left me not wanting to do much, until recently, well since christmas time.

Christmas time luckily snapped me out of my funk enough to make a large order of pajamas and a dress for my little one, and now I am happy to say that I have an abundance of projects on either knitting needle, sewing machine, and luckily emboridery hoop.

Here are a few pictures of a little tea party I through for my baby and older niece. I mostly wanted to play with my dishes and having a tea party seemed the best way to go.

The part that tickles me the most is that everything is either Thrift store or yard sale. I love it!!

Will work on being a better blogger, right now need to down some Nyqil for nasty flu bug I recieved from little people.

Happy crafting everyone

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