Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Miss Betty Singer

Say hello to Miss Betty Singer. She is a 1851-1951 centennial Singer. I call her a Betty for that was the most popular name when these particular singers where created, and well.... doesn't she look like a Betty

I got her this past weekend at a local flea market, she was a steal at $20.00 and yes she works, even though if she didn't I still would love her. I can not wait to play with her. I do plan on using her, mostly for simple little projects. My goal is to make a small quilt with her, can't you just see it a quilt made by my Betty, oh so excited

I will say that the case she was put in was not her original, it was some cheap fake wood thing that was breaking apart, cause Betty here, she is a thick lady. I threw the case out since it was falling apart and had a very strong stale cigarette smell. Can not believe I used to smoke, cause those smells gross me out

Miss Betty Singer

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