Thursday, June 27, 2013

New Earring Holder

I, like many people am a pinterest enthusiast, and found many Pictures of different ways to hold earrings.

So I figured I would give it a go and make something more grown up than the Claire's teeny bopper stands. For space is a precious thing.

I am horrible at taking before pictures, but basically the frame was a boring varnished mess and I sanded, primed it (very important) and then painted it my favorite color of Robin's egg blue. Found some pretty lace at local Thrift store and step 1..2..3 and this is what I have.

Rather hard to get a good picture that was all shocked with the flash, but this is what I got. I didn't realize I had so many heavy earrings.

All in all I say it cost me a bit over $5.00 with frame, paint and lace, but I love it and now have more space on my dresser.


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