Wednesday, February 15, 2012

All snuggled in love

A few weeks ago I planned on making my Bella some Jammies using Butterick pattern B4910, which is the cutest and most comfy looking jammies for little girls, I plan on making several of theses jammies for many years to come. Any who, I planned on making my Bella some jammies for Valentines day, found some really cute flannel on sale at Joann's and purchased weeks before V day, washed and pressed fabric, then I spaced it, kept telling myself oh I need to do that, but I have time. Well I had time, and it got a way from me.

So yesterday morning, as soon as my Bella was on the bus, ran to the store to get dinner, came home and started working at said jammies and I have learned many things.
1. Do not wait till the day of to make someone jammies, duh!
2. Do not try to sew while suffering from a headache
3. Do not try to talk on the phone while cutting fabric
4. Do not cut the sleeves first

So has you may have guessed I did all these things yesterday, and by doing so, I messed up slightly by cutting the sleeves into the fabric which messed up cutting the back on the fold. Luckily I am feeling more confident in my sewing that I just cut the back into 2 pieces and sewed it up the middle. I also made the largest size, 8, and my Bella is just now getting into a 6, but I really want her to be able to wear it for a long time, I just love the fabric. I will be making 2 more pairs in the weeks to come (fabric already purchased washed and pressed) and hopefully I will have learned from my mistakes. So here it is my Bella modeling her new Valentines day Jammies.

The bottoms are also a part of her present but they are just a pair of adult jammies purchased at a thrift store I sized down to fit her.

Hope everyone had a great V day and spent it with the one, or ones you love.

Also I wanted to share my other crochet items I am very happy with

The top is a rose necklace I just love, and the others are hair clips one set with butterflys the other bows, they are so cute, fast and easy to make. I can not wait to make more in so many more colors.

The butterflys I found on pinterest (great site) and the bows Ravelry. I take no credit in making the pattern, just in loving them.

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