Monday, February 13, 2012

Falling in love, again.

I have fallen in love, again. With crochet.

My first steps into the crafting world was when I was 14 and my Aunt taught me how to crochet, she only new of a few stitches and couldn't read a pattern to save her life, but all the same I was happy to learn.

For many years after the only thing I did was make afghans to fit a giant, all in single crochet, I didn't even have to look at what I was doing I could just go, but then I got bored with it, tried several times to read a pattern all to no avail, so I stopped, entered into young adulthood not thinking twice about it, then I had a baby, wanted to make her things, but I only knew crochet, so I tried again, and it was okay, it was familiar but it didn't have the look of what I wanted, plus I was using Red Heart Supersaver, and the end look just wasn't pretty for me. So I learned to knit, started going to the local yarn shop and found wool, and cotton, and many other actual fibers and truth be told I became a yarn snob. I denied it of course. I feel in love with knitting and dropped crochet like a hot potato.

Years passed and didn't even think of crochet, almost detested it for some reason, then I walked into my local yarn shop, and the owner asked me if I knew how to crochet, I said yes (I had through knitting, learned how to read a crochet pattern and became quite good at crocheting even though I didn't care for it) and was asked to become a instructor, I taught a few classes, and switched yarn shops, but all the while secretly not wanting to teach crochet, but then at the start of the new year, wanting to make some quick projects, I made a few hot pads and doilies. It was fun, wonderful in fact, so then I moved onto some projects for the Yarn store, and made a few samples, and I realized how much fun it was to crochet, I was actually looking for crochet projects on Ravelry, and now I am spending my days knitting, sewing (am currently learning how to do that) and crocheting. I have a large selection of Crochet Thread I have gathered at Thrift stores and Yard Sales and am making many things and loving every minute of it. I purchased yarn yesterday and plan on make a granny square blanket, one of I am sure to be many.

What I love about falling back in love with crochet is I already know how to do it, and because of that I can jump right into the deep end and have all sorts of fun with it without many road blocks that learning a new craft can bring. So I share with you one of my new labors of love with my newly found love of the craft Crochet.

Hopefully later this week I will show you the few pieces of jelewry that I have made with my crochet.

Am wishing everyone a happy week of love, whether it be a partner, a child, friend or just the love of life. Happy Valentines day

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